Find the balance between being faithful to yourself and trying new things.

Find the balance between being faithful to yourself and trying new things.

Everybody loves getting dressed up in cute clothes, as long as they are fashionable. But it's important to invest in your wardrobe and not just in trendy pieces. One of the best ways you can do this is by joining a community or club with other people who share some of your interests.
Here are some suggestions that I think will help you stay ahead of the latest fashion trends and look great while doing it.

Level up your fashion sense by reading
Fashion is constantly changing and evolving. The leading brands try to stay relevant by pushing the boundaries with their new designs, colors and patterns. Today's post features the most amazing fashion pieces where you can find inspiration for your next look. 
Hey there! I'm a big fan of self-improvement — so much so, it's become my life's mission. I read a lot of books about fashion and lifestyle topics in general. During my reading, I come across a lot of great advice that helps me on my journey to becoming awesome. Other than recommending these suggestions to you, I wanted to also provide other ways for you to improve your style.

If you're reading this article then I'll assume one thing: You're not satisfied with your fashion sense or know your fashion sense can use some improvements. Whether that's to look better or because you want to expand your horizons — it's important to follow the trends of style and dress well.

Learn from talented people.
Some people were born knowing how to sing like an angel, do a cartwheel in heels, speak multiple languages, paint, play several instruments and the list goes on. I was not one of those people. I took dance lessons as a kid but to be honest it lasted about 2 weeks. So what's my point? Find talented people who are where you want to be and learn from them because they are taking steps you are not willing to take.

 I want to share with you one of my favorite quotes from one of my favorite movie — It's a wonderful life (my mom has the same quote framed on her study wall). Before I started working in digital marketing, I tried a lot of stuff. I played guitar, dabbled in drawing, applied some graphic design in Photoshop, have little knowledge of web development etc. And this is how almost everybody's journey as an artist or creative goes — we start learning from things that excite us and then slowly switch to learning skills that can earn us money.

Talent will get you only so far. Practice will make you great. (And talent ain't nothing but practice anyway.) Ernest Hemingway

At the start of a new year or even in the middle, we have a few moments to pause, reflect and consider the road ahead of us – our personal, professional and business goals. This allows us to think about our strengths, what we'd like to improve on as well as opportunities that await.

Learn from other's mistakes
As the saying goes,“those who do not learn from the mistakes of others are doomed to repeat them.” Don't be afraid to change things up, take risks, and try new things. But also, don't be stupid. Learn from other people's mistakes and don't repeat them on your own.
Today, I am sharing some valuable advice that my dad always told me: Always learn from other people's mistakes. By “other people” he meant himself because we both have made lots of mistakes in life... and there is a good chance you might have too! Thinking about it now, it's not easy to learn from other people's mistake because they are mostly not that easy to spot or even acknowledge! But then again, those who succeed are usually the ones who do it best. While building your own personal brand on social media, you must think about what kind of image you want to put forward into the world.

Fabric is everything
I like to think of myself as a bit of a fabric aficionado. True story: every time I see a bookstore, I look for the section that has books about fabrics and garments. How weird is that? It's like a sickness! Oh well! That's why I was SO excited when these new products got released:

 Vintage Floral Print Ruffle Blouse

Halter Sleeveless Dress

Men's Slim Fit Trousers

Create your own style
Self expression is not just a right, but it also a responsibility. I think that we are all inspired by different things and strive for our own personal ways to express ourselves. I believe that style is something that needs to move you and your surroundings around you. That's why I prefer to come up with my own style rather than following the most popular fashion trends.

No matter how great an artist you are, it's essential to find your own style. Even great artists have to find their own style at some point. Speaking from experience, there's no way I could draw the same way that J. K. Rowling does — or the same way my colleague Chotiya does. And I've had people tell me before that my artwork looks very similar to Chotiya's – which is true! So, how do you come up with your own style?

In photography, the best photographers create their own style in ways that influence the way the photography community thinks of the medium. You can try to copy other photographers, but in my opinion their styles will always be better.

Your style is your brand. It is you. You are the creator and your content (blog posts, tweets, Facebook posts) is what you create. Finding and building an authentic style is not just how you present yourself in the virtual world of the internet — it's how you portray yourself in any environment.

Fabric is probably one of my favorite buzzwords because it encompasses so many different meanings. In terms of material, it can refer to something coarse like burlap or velvet. Or fabric can refer to an entire piece of clothing, quilt, or the like. As a metaphor, fabric serves as a connecting device which involves the meaning of weaving together disparate elements. For example, people who join a start-up which will become the next big thing are known as its "fabric." They are helping to build a team that becomes a community that creates something people want or need.

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