How To Tell if You Bought the Wrong Pair And How To Fix It

How To Tell if You Bought the Wrong Pair And How To Fix It

Slim and tailored for men, these jeans provide comfort and flexibility at the knees, strengthening the core while slimming down your frame. Stretch denim is a world-class performance fabric that yields effective tonal fade-resistant results with little investment in material. The secret is carefully selected formulas, which combine premium cotton, warp-resistant double needle stitching and other technical processes to give you a peculiar fabric that’s as comfortable as it is fashionable.

Add on the perfect pair of shoes (this is a quality product), and you have yourself an outfit that will not only outfit you but leave you feeling comfortable and confident!

They have a classic fit with great weight savings making them the perfect choice for everyday wear. Slim fit jeans make all the difference when trying on fashionable outfits. Stacking shirts, shorts or a tank top on top of these classic style denim jeans makes for a stylish look that's hard to beat.

Stretch Slim jeans are for those who like their jeans a little fuller on top. The extra fabric on the inseam gives extra comfort and flexibility in everyday wear, while the extra room in the waistband allows for increased mobility during physical activities. Pulling the jeans all the way up allows you to display your toned and defined legs, while leaving plenty of leg space for active wear.
Don’t be fooled by other models that have the fabric running along the top or sides - these are not true slim jeans as they do not have the right combination of features for true slim fit.

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