Stretchy. Comfortable. Attractive. Versatile.

Stretchy. Comfortable. Attractive. Versatile.

Hip fashion is all about comfortable, versatile clothing that you feel good wearing and looks good on you.  The key characteristics of fashionable clothing are stretchiness and comfort; this makes it versatile and enables it to be worn in a variety of situations. Hipsters add an extra touch of fashionable flavor to an outfit with their characteristic nonchalant attitude and retro style.

Flattering? Versatile? A single breasted, turn down collar shirt? These sound like a great deal of things, but how do they actually stack up to each other? You judge for yourself after checking out our top 3 picks for this type of shirt.

Some people find a classic style to be boring. When you are discussing style and fashion with such people, you can't help but feel that they think they're much better than everyone else. However, as soon as you switch to discussing fashion, they suddenly turn into something else. Their opinions are highly subjective and based on whichever brand or look “trendy” right now. This is just an example of what fashion is to them — it's more like a status symbol or something like the latest gadget that has no utility. The thing is, those kinds of people don't know what to look for in clothes.

Looking glamorous and sexy is a challenge in today's fast-paced world. It's easy to get stuck behind the scenes, making sure things are piling up on your desk.

When you enter a room, people look at you. You attract attention wherever you go. You're a head-turner. Men want to date you and women want to be your friend. That's because you know how to impress others. And that's because you know how to flatter them with your appearance.

Calling all business owners, entrepreneurs, sales reps and marketers. If you're looking for a way to make you stand out in a crowd of competitors, need a simple boost to your self-confidence and want to make yourself more noticeable then look no further than the art of the articulation.

It's flattering and versatile, elegant and lovely. Oh, don't stop yet!  Its your moment to be praised for your athletic body. Do a twirl or bend at the waist and show off that nice flat tummy you've worked so hard for. Now sit, relax, and we'll check out embellishments.


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