We are Fashionable but not Faddish: A blog on the trend of mock dresses and more..

We are Fashionable but not Faddish: A blog on the trend of mock dresses and more..

We are Fashionable but not Faddish: A blog on the trend of mock dresses and more.......

How to wear a mock neck dress?  

You could of course go with a regular fitted mock neck style. But, if you are going out for the evening or going out for business, then having the option of wearing a mock neck dress is invaluable. It not only adds extra style but can also make you look sharper and more sophisticated.

Try one of these top picks from MorganMann Essentials which will surely give you the feel of being elegant when you are simply dressed up. 

This dress is super flattering on any shape and size of women. It is perfect for going out to dinner or to the office, it is comfortable yet looks elegant on even the most uptight women. It offers lots of options for sleeveless and cross body styles so you can always feel comfortable and elegant. 

The perfect day-to-night-out go-to piece for any occasion. While it looks great with flats or booties, the added comfort of the slip-on design makes it unbeatable for hot summer afternoons spent lounging around in your swimsuit and thinking about how outdated your wardrobe once was.

 Knitted Turtleneck 

These fabulous pieces will make you feel like a superstar in just a few short minutes. I’ve worn several of these inspired by hot topic items over the years and been turned on by how effortlessly classy they are. The best part about these garments is how you can style them even if you have no fashion sense whatsoever. Don’t worry if you have no idea how to pick out a specific design for yourself because we’ll cover that well in this post. 

MorganMann offers their Women’s knitted turtleneck as a great introduction to their new line of accessories. The fabric is luxurious and comfortable with a wonderfully tailored body that hugs your curves. When worn with a standard shirt and pants, the set will likely look more casual than formal but can easily enhance an ensemble for working on Thursday nights or casual travels. 

This 100% wool turtleneck sweater is one of the best winter essentials you can buy. It keeps you warm, dry, and stylish. No matter how cold it gets, you can rely on this classic piece to keep you looking good. This sweater has three fitted chest sizes that are ideal for any woman’s jacket or scarf needs.  

A well designed sweater can go a long way in helping you feel better about yourself. It can make you feel warm and comforted whether you are just coming out of a cold or heatwave, and it can make you look stylish no matter what weather it is in. When choosing the best women's 100% wool turtleneck sweater you want to make sure it's a quality product that will last for years to come.

Quality is important whether you are going to bed in the morning feeling chilly or having a nice warm blast of sun while heading out for a run or walking your dog.


we promise you won’t find another collection quite like this one!

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