3 Things Missing from Black Relationships

3 Things Missing from Black Relationships

Welcome to MorganMann Essentials where you will be exposed to the highest quality products and services created specifically for Afrocentric people. Are you looking for a product or service to improve your life? We have just what you need. Most people need a healthy dose of relationship advice in their lives. We are here to help. The MorganMann brand is a blend of several topics into one product from casual conversation, love, and stability that Afrocentric people find refreshing, fun, motivational and useful. A brand you can trust and return to again and again.

The MorganMann Brand is a fashion line that was designed to cater to women of color and to represent the positive, Afrocentric, independent woman. Our collections represent health, love, and stability —the three essential ingredients for every relationship: health in mind (mental), body (physical), and spirit.

As the world seems to change faster and faster, relationships are suffering at an alarming rate. Empathy, communication, and stability are at the core of being in a healthy relationship, but it’s not as easy as it sounds. To be successful, you need to maintain empathy with your partner, thoughts for each other’s needs, and a sense of stability for both of you.

Nurture a long-term relationship for you and your partner with proven methods that have resulted in stable, dynamic relationships. Overcome any communication block with strategies to speak about your feelings and deepen intimacy. Set realistic expectations for love and affection and foster lasting respect.

Communication, Love, and Stability (#inthatorder): Everyone wants strong, healthy relationships. However, many of us struggle with finding love or maintaining a happy marriage. We set unrealistic expectations and live-in constant fear of failure. It's easy to get discouraged or feel like things are hopeless. It's time for a change. Together, we will discover the keys to achieving real lasting happiness on your journey to building your dream relationship.


Twin brother and sister designed and launched a compelling product March 14, 2021. MorganMann and Monique, share (in that order) strategies for successful work-related communication as well as maintaining love and stability in your relationship—all whilst running an e-commerce business during a pandemic (COVID-19).

From Communication to Love and Stability – Our Afrocentric products are tailored by one’s Zodiac sign. Empower your life with African rituals and energy to aid in communication, love, and stability in a turbulent world. Shipping time is approximately two weeks.

MorganMann Essentials is a seasonal Afrocentric lifestyle of products with the expressive intent of celebrating our Blackness through creativity, community, and spirituality.  Our company name comes from the great Pan-Africanist, Marcus Garvey, whose parents wove their last name together to create the family surname “Morgans”

Stay Connected, Healthy, and Alive: Want to have a healthier summer but don’t know how to get started? Stay strong mentally and physically with MorganMann Essentials.

It’s all about you!


 Here are some questions that we will address next time:

  • What are healthy relationships?
  • How healthy relationships start?
  • How healthy relationships work?


Thank You For Shopping With Us Miss UK! We Hope You Are Enjoying Your Sandals. MME

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MME Customer Experience Team

The 4th thing you need for a healthy relationship are those super cute shoes!

Bella Daniels

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