About Us


MorganMann Essentials was founded in California to create a shopping experience focused on the customer journey. As an avid shopper, the veteran took his aspirations to make the world a better place.

Frustrated with the everlasting effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic, he decided to move his dreams to a different shopping platform to share his vision with the world.

Welcome to MorganMann Essentials where you will be exposed to the highest quality products and services created specifically for Afrocentric people. Are you looking for a product or service to improve your life? We have just what you need. Most people need a healthy dose of relationship advice in their lives. We are here to help. The MorganMann brand is a blend of several topics into one product from casual conversation, love, and stability that Afrocentric people find refreshing, fun, motivational and useful. A brand you can trust and return to again and again.

The MorganMann Brand is a fashion line that was designed to cater to women of color and to represent the positive, Afrocentric, independent woman. Our collections represent health, love, and stability —the three essential ingredients for every relationship: health in mind (mental), body (physical), and spirit.

We are thrilled to have you visit. Our focus is on authentic ethnic clothing and accessories. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter for special deals, discounts, and sales announcements!

Our Inspirations, African, and Vintage collections are created to promote positivity and influence. Black women deserve positive inspiration, a reason to swag out of control. "We love the idea that every woman can be an individualist; so much so that even one shoe is just not enough".

You now have an opportunity to view our inspirational products, wear the latest styles from our leading designers – all in one place, at a glance. You can also Post Your Comments Here.

Vintage Inspired Men Clothing: A blog about the current trend of vintage inspired clothes. Looking for a new collection of men’s clothing that you can use to create great outfits, then get inspired by MorganMann essentials. We have carefully selected unique and high quality materials, both for the main pieces of the collection, such as pants and shirts, and for the accessories included in it. We also pay special attention to the details that will make your style worth to remember.

MorganMann Essentials is a seasonal Afrocentric lifestyle of products with the expressive intent of celebrating our Blackness through creativity, community, and spirituality.  Our company name comes from the great Pan-Africanist, Marcus Garvey, whose parents wove their last name together to create the family surname “Morgans”

Bringing back the style, sophistication and class of yesteryear. Today's man needs go to essentials that can be dressed up or down. From an afternoon outing with friends to the workplace or an evening on the town, our line of products is designed for the man who wants to look good and feel great from day to day.

Our clothing line combines modern styling with classic design that will never go out of style so you will always look and feel your best without breaking your latest budget.

We believe that we can achieve a state of full transparency, inclusivity and accessibility in this industry. Let’s get better together and have fun doing it.